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Unit 7: Marketing Specialty Forest Crops
Product Development and Economic Consideration
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What is the First Step in Product Development?

Once you have outlined your goals, gained a rough idea of what kind of market you are interested in, and considered who it is you are marketing to, it is time to generate creative product development ideas. Often referred to as the father of brainstorming, Alex Osborn has developed brainstorming techniques often used in the product development process. By Osbornís approach there are four guidelines for the brainstorming process:

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Brainstorming: www.perfektpower.hu/
  1. Criticism is ruled out: Negative comments must be withheld until later.

  2. Freewheeling is welcomed: The wilder the idea, the better, it is easier to tame down than to think up.

  3. Quantity is encouraged: The greater the number of ideas generated, the greater the likelihood of finding an idea worth pursuing.

  4. Combining and improving ideas is encouraged: Participants should suggest how other peopleís can be joined in more ideas.

Generating creative ideas for your NTFC is an essential part of finding your market niche. New innovative ideas are needed in order to create a successful product.

Some creative products and marketing ideas: