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Unit 5: Maple Sugar
Maple Syrup Operations
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Maple Syrup Operations

Web Resources

The Basics

  •  Maple Syrup Production for the Beginner

    A guide for the beginner provides an overview by Cornell and Penn State University specialists of what is involved in a maple operation, in 4 pages.

  •  Virtual Tours

    The production of maple syrup is described in four Virtual Tours through the use of photographs and text assembled by the Cornell Maple Team, and arranged as follows:

    1. the historical view of maple production
    2. sugar bush management
    3. sap collection
    4. sap processing

Going Deeper

If you are serious about becoming a maple producer, these two key sources of information will help see you through:

  •  North American Maple Syrup Producers Manual (Ohioline Bulletin #856)

    This “classic” was published in 1996, and prepared through a cooperative effort of maple experts from multiple States and Provinces in the Northeast.

  •  Cornell Sugar Maple Research & Extension Program

    The Cornell Maple Team is responsible for this dynamic new web site which is continually updated with new information about that latest techniques and technologies for the modern maple enterprise.

On these sites you will find many references to others. Pursue these as your interest dictates.