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Unit 6: Fruits and Nuts
Videos on Berry Crops
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Videos on Berry Crops

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These three video clips created by specialists at Cornell University in horticulture and forest management, offer insight into growing forest berries. The videos were created from a workshop where the three presenters shared ideas with forest owners about opportunities they see in selection, management and marketing that can make successful enterprises of producing berries in forest settings.

[Jim Ochterski Photo] 1. Introduction (7m 0s, 44 MB)

Cooperative Extension Educator Jim Ochterski introduces the idea of growing berries as a forest crop, stressing their appeal to consumers and therefore market potential.

]Marvin Pritts Photo] 2. Forest Farming Fruit (38m 10s, 213 MB)

Professor of Horticulture Marvin Pritts suggests specific types of berries that could make good forest crops, stressing that while science-basedknowledge about many of them is minimal, prospects for growing them are promising.

[Peter Smallidge Photo] 3. Canopy Manipulation for Understory Berries (27m 23s, 176 MB)

NY State Extension Forester Peter Smallidge discusses how to manage a forest canopy to create understory conditions for growing berries, stressing various management practices that benefit the trees and the forest, as well as the fruit crop.