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Unit 3: Medicinal Crops
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1. An Overview of Ginseng (4m 29s, 28 MB)
2. Woods cultivated Ginseng (6m 27s, 41 MB)
3. Seeds (3m 48s, 24 MB)
4. Ginseng Genetics (3m 12s, 20 MB)
5. Indicator Plants (2m 11s, 14 MB)
6. Goldenseal (2m 2s, 13 MB)
7. Pests and pest control (2m 54s, 19 MB)
8. Economic Potential of Ginseng (2m 31s, 16 MB)
9. Problems with disease in American Ginseng (4m 18s, 28 MB)
10. Site security (4m 50s, 31 MB)