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Unit 5: Maple Sugar
Maple Syrup Operations
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Maple Syrup Operations


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Maple producer Chuck Winship takes you on a tour of SugarBush Hollow. This is a commercially oriented maple operation in the Finger Lakes area of New York State which Chuck began in the late 1990s. Chuck is continually researching and inventing ways of improving his state-of-the-art enterprise which is rooted in agroforestry (forest farming) principles. His insights and approach will be useful to anyone who is beginning or expanding an operation, regardless of its size or sophistication. The video consists of five segments, which total about hour in length, as follows:

1. An Overview of Maple Production (1m 28s, 5 MB)
2. Sugar Bush Management (video not available)
3. Sap Collection (3m 19s, 21 MB)
4. Sap Processing (3m 59s, 24 MB)
5. Maple Product Marketing (8m 10s, 37 MB)

6. Additional videos: