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Unit 7: Marketing Specialty Forest Crops
Launching you Product
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How can I use labeling to attract customers?

Marketing along with labeling create first impressions High quality advertising is necessary to reflect that the product you are marketing and is also of high importance.

Certain words and phrases can be used to attract customers such as natural, sustainable, native, original, local-regional, and traditional. Other positive attributes of many NTFC products that should be promoted include health, well being, and gourmet. The following list provides some good rules of thumb when designing your label.

  • Focus on 3 to 5 key benefits of your product
  • Color printing (4) is best, can use 2 color (or even 1 color) printing with good quality paper.
  • Use photos or drawings that catch the eye
  • Write 5 to 15 words sentence and include action verbs.
  • Use personal pronouns
  • Visibility. It is important for you to make sure that your business and your product is visible to your targeted consumers. Even if you have the best product in the world, you will be unsuccessful if you arenít able to increase the visibility of the product in the eyes of your market.
  • Choose a venue that will make sense with the product that you are selling.
  • If you are marketing directly from your home, you will want to put up a road sign identifying your location and the product you sell

Some Label Examples:

[Label Example 1]
[Label Example 3]
[Label Example 2] [Label Example 4]

Label Resources: