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The following tools are designed to help you decide which crops can be grown on your site.

  • Crop Matrix Tool

    This tool shows you a variety of non timber forest crops and allows you to view characteristics of each such as climatic requirements, pest susceptibility and cultivation methods. This is useful if you already have a crop in mind for your site. You can view all the characteristics of this crop at once to ensure that it is appropriate for your particular site.

  • Crop Filter Tool

    This tool allows you to pick a specific characteristic and see what the value of that characteristic is for each possible crop. This is useful if you have a limiting factor on your site, such as a very high or low soil pH, or particular soil texture. You can easily see which crops tolerate your soil and filter out crops that are not appropriate for your site conditions.

  • Forest Evaluation Tool

    This tool is designed to rate how well a piece of land will be for forest farming by exploring what plants already grow there, and other miscellaneous factors. It is meant to give you an overall perspective on what your site is capable of.