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Crop Matrix Tool

Use this tool to find out about characteristics; such as soil pH, cultivation methods, pests and post harvest treatment; for a specific crop. To load a crop's characteristics choose a crop from the drop-down menu. To see a list of all possible crops grouped by category click on the “Show List of All Available Crops” link next to the drop-down menu.

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Cornelian cherry

Common NameCornelian cherry
Latin NameCornus mas
VarietyAureo-elegantissima, Flava, Golden Glory 
Visual Traits
Flowersmall, yellow; late winter, early spring
Foliage/Fall leaf colorpuplish red
Fruitreddish maroon drupe; late summer
Height15-20 ft
Propagation methodb&b, container, bare root, seed
Pruningto train to single stem or hedge
Seed treatment and storagewarm stratification 120days, followed by cold stratification 30-120days
Softwood cuttingsrooting hormone, reasonably successful
Transplanttransplant well
Insect and invertebrate pestsnone serious
Pathogensnone serious
Fertility / qualityfertile, tolerate wide range
Moisture and drainagemoist, well drained; moderate drought tolerance
pH5.0-7.0 (4-8a)
Salt toleranceintolerant
Texturemedium texture, tolerates clay
Growth Pattern
Growth rateslow
Habitat and Climate
Frost-free days (FFD)130
Hardiness ZoneZones 5-8
Native RangeCentral-Southern Europe, W Asia
Rainfall / humidity30-50
Wind / ice / frost susceptibilityLeaf scorch in dry, hot wind
Light recommendationfull sun to partial shade
Shade tolerancemoderately tolerant