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Crop Matrix Tool

Use this tool to find out about characteristics; such as soil pH, cultivation methods, pests and post harvest treatment; for a specific crop. To load a crop's characteristics choose a crop from the drop-down menu. To see a list of all possible crops grouped by category click on the “Show List of All Available Crops” link next to the drop-down menu.

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Serviceberry, Shadblow, shadbush, Juneberry

Common NameServiceberry, Shadblow, shadbush, Juneberry
Latin NameAmelanchier spp.
VarietyShannon, Indian, Smoky, Pembia, Success, Dwarf Mountain 
Visual Traits
Flowerwhite; April-early May
Foliage/Fall leaf colorshowy red
Fruitsmall, fleshy pome, red to purplish-black, ripen late June
Height20-30 ft (shrubs to small trees)
Other valued traitsearly flowering
Spreadvariable from shrub to tree
Hardwood Cuttingsdifficult to propagate
Propagation methodbare root, container, b&b, cuttings, seed
Pruningdifficult to train to single stem; prune early spring when dormant
Seed harvestJune
Seed treatment and storagescarification; 2-6 month cold stratification; may take two seasons to germinate
Softwood cuttingspoor results
Sowing seedlate fall, 25% germination in spring
Transplant2-4years to transplant from seedling
Watering guidelineswater during establishment
Insect and invertebrate pestscommon apple pests, red spider mites
Pathogensrose family pests, fireblight
Wildlife Pestsbirds
Fertility / qualityrequires organic matter
Moisture and drainagemoist, well-drained, wide range of soils, drought and flood intolerant
Salt toleranceintolerant
Texturemedium to coarse; no heavy clay
Growth Pattern
Growth ratemoderate
Habitat and Climate
Fire tolerancemoderatly tolerant
Frost-free days (FFD)120
Hardiness Zone3-9 (2)
Native RangeNorth America
Rainfall / humidity220-50"
Light recommendationfull sun
Shade tolerancemoderately tolerant to intolerant
Special Notes
Note 1Poor heat tolerance