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Crop Matrix Tool

Use this tool to find out about characteristics; such as soil pH, cultivation methods, pests and post harvest treatment; for a specific crop. To load a crop's characteristics choose a crop from the drop-down menu. To see a list of all possible crops grouped by category click on the “Show List of All Available Crops” link next to the drop-down menu.

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Rowan, American Mountain ash

Common NameRowan, American Mountain ash
Latin NameSorbus americana Marsh., S. aucuparia
Visual Traits
Flowerwhite; May-July
Foliage/Fall leaf colororange-yellow to reddish purple
Fruitorange to red; berry-like pome; August- September; persistent through winter
Height10-30 ft
Spread4-6 ft
Propagation methodseed, b&b; bare root
Seed treatment and storagecold stratification for more than 60days at 33-41°F
Sowing seedfall or early winter or July-August for germination following spring (no treatment)
Insect and invertebrate pestsaphids, pear leaf beatle, blister mite, Japanese leafhopper, roundheaded borer, mountainash sawfly, scales
Pathogensfireblight, crown gall, canker, leaf rusts
Wildlife Pestspreferred browse of white-tail deer
Compaction (tolerance)intolerant
Moisture and drainagewell-drained; stunted in dry soils
Salt toleranceintolerant
Soils and topographymoist habitats from swamp borders to rocky hillsides; woodland edges and gaps
Textureloamy, clay to sand
Growth Pattern
Growth rateslow
Root habitfibrous
Habitat and Climate
Fire toleranceintolerant
Frost-free days (FFD)90
Hardiness Zone(2) 3-6 (7)
Native RangeNortheastern North America
Rainfall / humidity24-60in
Light recommendationfull sun
Shade toleranceintolerant
Special Notes
Note 1pest-ridden when stressed
Note 2Sorbus aucuparia potentially invasive