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Crop Matrix Tool

Use this tool to find out about characteristics; such as soil pH, cultivation methods, pests and post harvest treatment; for a specific crop. To load a crop's characteristics choose a crop from the drop-down menu. To see a list of all possible crops grouped by category click on the “Show List of All Available Crops” link next to the drop-down menu.

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Northern Red oak

Common NameNorthern Red oak
Latin NameQuercus rubra L.
Visual Traits
Floweryellow-green, monoecious, April-May, at or following leaf emergence
Foliage/Fall leaf colorgolden yellow brown
Fruit / Nutacorn occurs singly or clusters of 2-5; ripen Augst to mid-October, turn brown upon ripening; may take 2y to mature
Height60-75ft (100)
Other valued traitslumber
Propagation methodSeed, low root sprouts
Pruningresprouts readily after disturbance
Seed treatment and storagecold stratification for 30-45days @ 41?F
Seedling treatmentrequire 30% canopy light penetration to persist
Sowing seedgerminate in spring following seed fall; best if seed makes contact with mineral soil and covered by leaf litter
Transplanttransplants readily, ball and burlap spring
Watering guidelinesmoisture generally adequate at time of germination
Insect and invertebrate pestsgypsy moth (Lymantria dispar), many insect pests
Pathogensoak decline, oak wilt (Ceratocystis fagacearum), many other pathogens that are not threatening
Compaction (tolerance)intolerant
Fertility / qualityLow
Moisture and drainagemoist, well-drained, moderately drought tolerant
Salt tolerancetolerant
Soils and topographylow to mid slopes, north or east aspects; coves, deep ravines, or well-drained valley floors, elevations to 3500ft in middle of range
Texturewide range of parent material; rock fragments; prefers well-drained loam to silty clay loam
Growth Pattern
Good seed crop interval (fruit load)2-5y
Growth ratemedium-fast
Root habitdeep lateral spreading, root grafts readily
Seed-bearing age /max production25y /50y
Habitat and Climate
Fire toleranceintolerant as sapling, moderately toleranat at maturity
Frost-free days (FFD)100-220days
Hardiness Zone3b-7 (8)
Native RangeEastern United States, Northeast to Nova Scotia
Rainfall / humiditywide range, 30-80in
Wind / ice / frost susceptibilityinfrequent
Shade toleranceintermediate, responds well to release
Vegetation Associations
Competitive abilityonce established, dominant or codominant
Indicator species and associated forestpure stands, mixed hardwood
[Northern Red Oak Nuts<br>Paul Wray, Iowa State University<br>]
Northern Red Oak Nuts
Paul Wray, Iowa State University