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Unit 7: Marketing Specialty Forest Crops
Launching you Product
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How important is packaging?

[Rasp To Go Image]
Rasp to go: www.jelly.com

Most consumers who are interested in purchasing specialty products are more easily persuaded by the packaging of a product than by the brand name. Shelf appeal will award you first time buyers and product quality will keep them coming back for more.

Customers are usually drawn to containers that appear clean and attractive, as well as easy to use and easy to store. Much of what you choose to contain your product in will also be determined by what market you are targeting. If your aim is to sell in local grocery stores, place more emphasis on durability and utility. If you intend to target the gourmet market you may want to look into glass wares that are more visually appealing.

The following links may be helpful in finding a packaging supplier:

[Pantry Syrup Image]
Pantry syrup: www.rentmothernature.com