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Persimmon, Common

Common NamePersimmon, Common
Latin NameDiospyros virginiana, D. kaki Linn
VarietyGarretson, John Rick, Early Golden, Hicks and Juhl 
Visual Traits
Flowergreenish yellow; generally dioecious; late spring to early summer
Foliage/Fall leaf colorreddish purple
Fruitberry, globose; astringent when green; yellow to deep orange or black when ripe; mid to late fall; frost damage to immature fruit
Height30-60 ft
Other valued traitsattractive bark and foliage
Field spacing / planting depthnursery stock spaced 6" apart
Graftingchip bud, cleft, whip
Hardwood Cuttingscut 6-8" long and 1/4" diameter; seal with pitch or wax to prevent rot; bury in sand until ready to plant
Pollinationplant multiple trees to ensure pollination
Propagation methodseed, root cuttings, grafting
Pruningtrain to 4-5 main stems when young; suited to espalier training
Seed treatment and storageclean and dry 2days; cold stratification 2-3months at 30-40 degrees F; no extreme hot or cold
Seedling treatmenttaproot develops to 8" (20cm) after 1 season
Sowing seedsoak 2days prior to planting; sow spring or fall; depth 1/2"; cover with humus
Transplantdifficult; ball and burlap in early spring; transplant nursery stock after 1-2 years in moist soil (due to long root); suckers do not transplant readily
Watering guidelineswater deeply in dry conditions
Insect and invertebrate pestsnone serious
Pathogensnone serious
Fertility / qualitymoderate fertility; tolerates poor fertility
Mineralsexcessive nitrogen may cause fruit drop
Moisture and drainagewell drained; drought tolerant; moderately flood tolerant, although flooding kills young trees
Texturetolerant of wide range of soils
Growth Pattern
Fruit bearing age / full crop load10y / 25-50y
Good seed crop interval (fruit load)every 2y
Growth rateslow
Root habitlong taproot
Habitat and Climate
Exposureplant in protected areas in cooler climates
Fire tolerancetolerant; stump sprouts
Frost-free days (FFD)150
Hardiness ZoneZones 4-9
Native RangeEastern US
Rainfall / humidity30-60"; prefers humid climate
Light recommendationfull sun
Shade tolerancevery tolerant
Special Notes
Note 1too stressed in rural NY
Note 2choose early-ripening cultivars in cooler regions
Note 3American types hardier than Asian types