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Kiwi, hardy

Common NameKiwi, hardy
Latin NameActinidia arguta
VarietyAnanasnaja, Geneva, Meader, MSU, and 74 series 
Visual Traits
Flowersmall, white, dioecious
Fruitgreenish-yellow, summer to fall, ripen late season
Height40 ft (length of perennial vine)
Other valued traitsbright red viney stems
Cultivation and Mulchingthick layer organic mulch; wrap trunks of young vines
Field preparation and plantingmid-May or after last frost; incorporate organic matter
Field spacing / planting depth10ft spacing
Hardwood CuttingsCut after plant receives 500h of chilling
HarvestYear 5; October
Pollinationpurchase 1 male plant for every 9 female plants to ensure fruit set; performance of hermaphroditic plants is poor.
Propagation methodcuttings, seeds, layering
Pruningonce during dormant season; 2-3 times during growing season
Seed harvestfrom mature fruit, late fall
Seed treatment and storagedry 2days; cold stratification in moist perlite, 40degrees F for 4 months
Seedling treatmenttransplant to individual pots when seedlings have 4 true leaves
Softwood cuttingsJuly
Sowing seedseed in trays; 1/8
Training / Trellisingtrain 1-2 vines vertically; require trellising
Transplanttransplant to site when plants reach several inches
Watering guidelinesfrequent watering from time of transplant and throughout growing season
Insect and invertebrate pestsspidermite, leaf roller, Japanese beetles, root knot nematodes
PathogensVerticillum wilt, Phytophthora crown root rot, Botrytis rot, Sclerotinia blight, Armilllaria oak root fungus
Wildlife Pestsdeer browse, domestic cats
Fertility / qualityheavy N feeder
MineralsN-deficient in very basic soils
Moisture and drainagemoist soils; intolerant to poorly-drained conditions
Salt toleranceintolerant
Growth Pattern
Fruit bearing age / full crop load4y / 8y
Habitat and Climate
ExposurePrefer protected microclimates; Northern exposures protect against early spring frost damage
Frost-free days (FFD)150
Hardiness Zone4
Native Rangenortheast Asia
Rainfall / humidityrequire large volumes of water during entire season; very drought intolerant
Wind / ice / frost susceptibilitysusceptible to early spring and early fall frosts, delays fruiting; Succulent growth very susceptible to hot and cold wind damage
Light recommendationfull sun
Shade tolerancemoderately tolerant